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We provide world-class workforce and digital transformation through integrating training, consulting, and technology solutions.

At SSA Group, we provide the tools, expertise, and innovative implementation through training-led consulting, as well as consulting-led training, required to accelerate your workforce and digital transformation.

Our Executives

Our Executives

Mr. Suhaimi Salleh

Suhaimi Salleh is the President & CEO of the SSA Group, with more than 40 years of post-graduate experience in management, consulting and corporate training. His expertise includes audit, finance, productivity and human capital management for various industries in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Brunei.

Mr. Affandi Salleh

Affandi Salleh is the Executive Vice President & COO of the SSA Group, with more than 35 years of experience in management in diverse industries such as manufacturing, construction, engineering and professional services. His expertise includes, corporate and strategic planning, organisational development, legal affairs, finance and accounting, and a wide range of other responsibilities.

Our Milestones

This compilation speaks volumes of our commitment to provide topnotch training programs and business solutions to all our clients in different parts of the world.

  1. SSA Consulting Group was established

  2. Developed and launched Program for the Revitalization of Mature Employees

  3. Developed and launched Developing Resourcefulness in Valued Employee

  4. Given the SME Partner Award

  5. Developed and launched

    Skills Certificate in Small Businesses

    in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic

  6. Developed and launched

    Certificate in Management of Non-Profit Organization

    in collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic & SSTI

  7. Appointed as one of the

    Pioneer CET Centers in Employability Skills System (ESS)

    including WPLN & WPS

  8. Appointed as

    Program Partner for Generic Manufacturing Skills (GMS) - WSQ

  9. Accredited ICDL Test Centre

  10. Listed in SME 1000 2011

    by DP Information Group

    Appointed as CET Centre for Executive Development & Growth for Excellence (EDGE)

  11. Listed in SME 1000 2012

    ICDL Operational Excellence Award

    Appointed CET Centre in Generic Manufacturing Skills (GMS)

  12. Listed in SME 1000 2013

    by DP Information Group

    Appointed as ATO for Chartered Accountant (Singapore) under the Singapore Qualifications Program

  13. Established office in Manila, Philippines

    Promising SME 500 2014

    ICDL Operational Excellence Award

    Listed in SME 1000 2014

  14. ICDL Operational Excellence Award

    Promising SME 500 2015

    Listed in SME 1000 2015

    2015 APAC Insider Business Awards for Best Management & Training Consultancy Firm - Singapore

  15. Listed in SME 1000 2016

    Promising SME 500 Award 2016

    Appointed as an Approved Training Organization (ATO) for SSA Culinary Institute

    Promising SME 500 Industry Star Award (Training & Consultancy)

  16. Listed in SME 1000 2017

    Berita Harian Business Achiever Award

    Dun & Bradstreet Business Eminence Award

  17. SSA Consulting Group changed its name to SSA Academy

    SSA Consulting was incorporated

  18. SSA-QA Consulting was incorporated

  19. SSA CapDev was formed

    SSA Group International (UAE Branch) was incorporated

Our Vision

To be a premier advisory and human capital development organisation well-recognised for its distinctive and world-class services.

Our Mission

Provide strategic and creative solutions to our clients' business challenges.

Provide quality and innovative human capital development programs.

Pursue a win-win approach in our partnership with clients, partners, associates, employees and other stakeholders.

Our Clients

SSA Academy has diligently served over 40 partners and clients, in both the local and international markets.


Hear from our Partners and Clients!

The ILO-EU Trade for Decent Work Project Team in the Philippines

The SSA has worked with various ILO CO-Manila projects, especially on promoting online labor education and awareness.

We appreciate the hard work, dedication, creativity and passion of the SSA Team not just in developing online tools but in being one with the ILO-EU Trade for Decent Work Project in using digital technology as an instrument for promoting the rights, liberties and welfare of our Filipino workers!

Thank you so much to the SSA Group and we hope that you will continue to be a rights-based consulting group that advocate decent work, especially for your own staff and team. Padayon!

Herman Cher Ma'in, Principal, Madrasah Al-Arabiah Al Islamiah

A Strategic Retreat was successfully conducted in November 2018, where MAI was able to strengthen its strategic focus to prepare for future needs.

The retreat session was attended by members of the management team, teachers and asatizahs. The Consultant had successfully managed to elicit their active participation, inputs and contribution.

We are pleased with SSA's project guidance and management towards shaping our next 3-year Strategic Plan. We are also grateful for the continued advice and support by SSA in fine-tuning the Strategic Plan, beyond the agreed project timeline.

Ahmed Al Romaithi, Director, Enterprise Development Department, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

May we take this opportunity to compliment SSA Consulting Pte Ltd, Singapore (SSA) for the professional development and facilitation of the Certified Business Counselor (CBC) program for Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

We noted the strong capabilities and experience of the SSA consultants/facilitators who imparted valuable knowledge and practical learning to our BCs. We are confident that the knowledge and skills learnt during the program will further enhance the business counseling work of our BCs.

Salhawaty Bte Abdul Ghani, General Manager, Kidz Meadow Childcare & Development Centre Ltd

We would like to thank SSA Consulting Pte Ltd for the consultancy service provided to us in implementing the growth and transformation project (risk management and business continuity) for Kidz Meadow Childcare & Development Centre Limited.

This project started on 5 Oct 2021 and was successfully completed on 31 May 2022 to our satisfaction in part through your effort in providing valuable knowledge and learning to our managers and staff. The SSA Consulting Team has also been very supportive and accommodating to arrange for online meetings and simplify documentation in view of our staff work-from-home arrangement and principals’ hectic work schedule operating 10 childcare centres.

Mouza Obaid Al Nasri, Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

Khalifa Fund is extremely excited to launch this innovative and resourceful tool [SME Rating]. Our objective is to give our SMEs the opportunity to excel further through the provision of a platform that will allow them to grow and improve.

The idea behind the SME Rating is to provide a system which best assists entrepreneurs with navigating and identifying their strengths and weakness to best determine the most optimal business decisions for the benefit of their organisation, and thus leads to an ever-advancing UAE entrepreneurial ecosystem.