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An Infographic: Introduction to Digital Learning

By SSA Innovations February 19, 2024

These days, we rely on technology to carry out activities more quickly and effectively, and the same applies to learning. Technology has changed the opportunities for learning and development. Classes and training sessions that previously required learners to be physically present were no longer required to be designed in this manner.
Today, educators can teach online courses and train skills using digital tools ranging from online learning software to even augmented reality. This online educational approach is known as digital learning, and it is becoming a more feasible way in today’s circumstances due to the pandemic, remote work, and changing personal lifestyles.

Let’s learn more about digital learning by looking at the infographics below.

As technology continues to provide new possibilities for learning and training, digital learning is critical for educators to adapt to the changing learning landscape with strategies that benefit both them and their learners.

Hopefully, this infographic inspires your company to become more engaged in digital learning and eventually employ digital tools and approaches that can improve your retention rates and learning outcomes. Want to get started on your digital learning initiatives today?

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